NFTs, $BLUR, & $PEPE: Liam Herbst on the Future of NFT Trading


• Liam Herbst is an NFT Trader and currently leads the go-to-market strategy for a new NFT company in stealth mode.
• He talks about why NFT business models are broken, the long-term bull case for NFTs, and why NFT perps are likely the next big thing in NFT trading.
• He also discussed the importance of L2s, history of Pepe and power of memes, and why $BLUR created a massive pump and dump in the NFT market.

Liam Herbst Interview on The Power Of NFTs

In an exclusive interview with, Liam Herbst, an experienced trader in the Non Fungible Token (NFT) space discussed why his business model is broken, his long term bullish outlook on the industry and how he believes that perps could be the next big trend.

Why Are Business Models Broken?

Liam explained that many current business models within this space are flawed due to lack of liquidity or scalability. He stated that these issues lead to a lack of trust between buyers and sellers as there is no guarantee that either party will be able to execute their transactions.

The Long Term Bull Case For NFTs

When asked about his long term outlook for this space, Liam was very optimistic. He believes that once more advanced technology such as Layer 2 solutions like Polygon become more widely adopted by projects in this space it will lead to greater liquidity which will help build trust among participants.

The Next Big Thing: Perps

Liam believes that perps could be the next big thing in this industry due to their ability to provide investors with more consistent returns than other assets within this space. Perps also have a lower barrier to entry than other assets as they can be purchased with smaller amounts of capital.

Memes & $BLUR Pump & Dump

One interesting topic discussed during our conversation was around memes such as Pepe The Frog which were extremely popular during 2017’s crypto boom and bust cycle. Liam believes that memes still have power in this industry as they can quickly spread information across social media platforms.

Finally we talked about $BLUR which saw a huge pump followed by an even bigger dump recently due its low circulating supply combined with a large amount of hype surrounding its launch. Although many investors lost money from investing into these types of pumps & dumps he does believe it helps bring attention to projects within this space which could ultimately benefit everyone over time.